Play Halo multiplayer for free

The other week i arrived to my computing lesson to find that the teacher was off sick and the class was left to its own devices for 2 hours. After about half an hour of not doing the work set, somebody announced “Who wants to play portable halo?”. Five minutes later the whole class was engaged in a LAN game across the class room.

Sadly, i am among the unfortunate few who don’t own an Xbox so i had never indulged in a game of Halo before, and i have to admit that I liked it. When i got home from college that day i decided to try and get a copy for myself, ad one Google later i was running portable halo off my hard drive.

The program allows you to play both internet and LAN games and to host them. The files are just over 200Mb so they easily fit onto a good sized memory stick.. Of course the program is no where nearly as well constructed as the game (I have come across a few connectivity problems using it) and there aren’t that many maps that you can join. And there is no single player option. But you pay for what you get and it certainly comes up as a bargain. Definitely one for beating boredom at the office/college/school etc.

Halo portable is available to download here


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