Tweet Scan: Monitor Twitter!

Do you remember the day that Firefox 3 was released? And how a fair few people (including myself) had problems trying to get through to the servers? Well i finally managed to get through due to a direct link posted on Twitter. And now Twitter (or rather Tweet Scan) has done it again.

I and just about everyone else had problems ascertaining our copies for Windows 7 over the past few days. What with the server failures, product keys not being delivered and stuff just not going right, it was nearly impossible to keep track of what links were working and what weren’t.

This is where Tweet Scan enters. I found that the most clear up to the minute advice on Windows 7 came from the entire community of Twitter sharing what was working for them and what wasn’t. Tweet Scan enables you to enter a few keywords and search for and Tweets with your query in them (in my case it was “Windows 7 download”). Tweet Scan then gives you an automatically updated time line with all the tweets relating to your query, effortlessly allowing you to monitor whats happening in the Twitter world.


When you load up the Tweet Scan homepage, you are given a very minimalistic Google like search box with a tag cloud for the most popular tweets at the moment. Once you have submitted your query, you get a very resemblance to the familiar twitter time line with the incoming tweets updated regularly. Tweet Scan also gives yo the ability to search for tweets by user.


This tool is one of my favorites for understand just what is going on during large events such as major beta releases. You get information that is more up to date than any blog could dream of keeping up with. The only downside is of course that the information may not be accurate 100% of the time. But if you need to be in the know, and you need to know now, the information is priceless.


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