Gumtree: Get Your Second Hand Stuff

gumtreeI recently needed an new monitor for my desktop computer but your average PC World charges well over the price that i can afford on my income. However i have managed to solve this problem (as usual) with technology.

Gumtree is basically Craigslist but for the UK (and some world city’s, but not the US), which makes it a lot more helpful to me (being a UK resident). The main advantage to UK residents is that it has support for a lot more towns/cities. On Craigslist my town wasn’t even listed, but on Gumtree there was even smaller towns listed in my surrounding area.

I found that the user interface was much more user friendly and easier on the eye than Craigslist. It’s easy to find your local location as most of the web addresses start with, or the site has a location finder.

Gumtree’s services provide all the things you’d expect to find on a classifides adds site. The is support for properties and room, jobs, personals and (my favorite) free stuff! Gumtree allows contact to posters via a telephone number or e-mail address, and also has the ability to subscribe via e-mail to any updates in a catagories you might want to monitor.

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