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Skydrive – 25GB of free online storge

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I cant believe I’m about to praise a Microsoft product, but i have to say, that this is a very useful tool indeed.

Skydrive is basically and online storage space for documents, photos etc. offering you 25GB of space online for free, all you have to do is sign in with your Windows Live account (or just create one).

Once in you have the ability to create folders and photo albums, decide whether there shared or not, even change the background etc. very much like the windows file system. One of the features i like most about it is that you can change the permissions of the people who are allowed to view and edit the files and folders, ranging from everyone to specific individuals who i select. I’m currently using Skydrive to share photos around my family.

Great, whats the catch? i here you say. Well yes, being Microsoft there is always a catch which is that you cannot upload files bigger than 50MB in one go. So while being great for documents, photos etc. there isn’t much room for videos. And there are other services offering a larger amount of space (ADrive for example) but they don’t offer the same group editing for free. Still, despite this i don’t think that 25GB of free space is anything to be grumbled at.

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Windows 7 Launch Fiasco

It’s been a hectic couple of days fro any of use who were planning to get there hands on the coveted Windows 7 beta release, what with all that could, would and should go wrong, going wrong.

I have to say that I really did think, even with my shred of confidence left in anything Microsoft being good, that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft would with all its wisdom and experience, be able to pull a decent beta release out of its over sized posterior.

They were off to such a good start with all the publicity they managed to get with it and with the free (yes we are talking about a free Microsoft product) beta release. But did the purveyors of the most diversly used operating system in the world really think that people would be falling over each other to get at a copy? let alone include the fact that there are only 2.5 million copies up for grabs.

As soon as the gates were open the inevitable happened and Microsoft servers were (predictably) overloaded and taken offline just a few hours after the launch. From the second the downloads started tech junkies scrambled to try and obtain any link to the files that bypassed the overloaded pages. While in the meantime know one could find any of the promised software keys from the product, which had been promised to be released at the same time.


The following day, Microsoft relaunched its servers allowing the masses to finally obtain the beta.The Product keys were also made available at this time an from then on everything seemed to run smoothly.

As i write this post, my own personal copy of Windows 7 is downloading (66% so far :P). I would like to thank lifehacker for keeping us all constantly updated with the latest on the release. I hope everyone out there managed to secure your own copy of windows 7, but if you didn’t there always BitTorrents.

As for whether Windows 7 will be any more successful than its predecessor only time (and lots of beta testing!!) can tell. Enjoy Windows 7 everyone!

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