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Spotify: Good Music For Free

Are you bummed out that YouTube is removing all of its music videos? Wondering where your going to get your fix of free music? Spotify is the answer.

Ok, this is probably one of my best software finds ever. I actually cannot believe how long I have gone without using this program now that I know about it.

Spotify is a freely available application which you can download to your pc and will let you browse through an extensive library of music (and i really mean extensive, not perfect but much better than i was expecting), in what I am sure is a rip off of the iTunes style interface. But the most impressive part is that not once has Spotify ever given me a “Buffering” or “Loading” sign at all (and I’m using a not-to-spectacular 3G connection) and the audio quality is crystal clear.



The program itself is pretty solid, with the majority of features you’d expect: search, there’s a radio function provided, and they provide a “what’s new?” and “top lists” section. They even include the ability to create your own play lists so that you can keep you favourite tracks close.

That all sounds fantastic I hear you say, “But what’s the catch?” Well I’m afraid that there is just one: every 10 or so songs you have to listen to an audio ad which lasts about 30s, and there are a few little pop ups occasionally, but that’s it. Hardly bad considering your getting unlimited amounts of music for free. However if you are really bothered by this you can buy a monthly subscription or a day pass to rid yourself of the ads.

At the moment Spotify will run on both Windows or Mac, but I’ve seen it running with Wine on Linux and there were absolutely no problems with it.


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